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When people ask Coney Wines, as they frequently do, why two city dwellers should suddenly buy a 16 acre bare paddock in Dry River Road, dismiss the sheep and plant 10,000 vines by spade, the answer is palpable – we’d simply lost our marbles. What had been envisaged as a gentle descent into middle age retirement has turned into a thriving 24/7 bustle of vinetending, winemaking, marketing and restauranteuring – each operation undertaken in the hallowed, self-flagellating Martinborough tradition – by manual labour. The old-fashioned notion that small is beautiful, that honest sweat produces happiness is our daily guiding principle.
Tim Coney

Tim Coney entered wine from a highly successful foreign exchange forecasting background. Both he and Marg were habit bound ‘middle aged city folk’ needing a change in direction. The Coney’s are passionate about the ‘small is beautiful’ mantra now seen in their tiny vineyard and popular cellar cafe. Tim, his personality extroverted and irrepressible, believes that ‘growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional’. The musically led label design – treble clef containing the Rallentando, Ragtime, Piccolo and Pizzicato notes – reflect the family’s love of music.

The single estate Coney vineyard on Dry River Road, planted in 1996 of just under four hectares, produces Pinot Noir and Riesling (the latter in two styles of dry and off dry). No less than seven clones go into each bottle of Coney Pinot Noir and with the vines approaching 12 years, the fruitiness of earlier vintages is now being replaced by the more subtle character of Burgundies. A Rosé, Pinot Gris and Syrah joined the repertoire from 2007.

In the new vineyard café, every escapist gets the quintessential vineyard experience – succulent cuisine from the kitchen of committed foodie, Marg Coney, mellifluous music (which celebrates the treble clef logo on the Coney label) and a superb vineyard vista from the Mediterranean-style courtyard. The winemaking is also now an extended family affair with Lisa Coney (daughter of Tim and Marg and graduate of Roseworthy College in Australia) at the winemaking helm. This estate is a must visit vineyard for all wanting to know more about Martinborough’s top flight Pinot Noir and Riesling.

  • Wines currently available:
    2009 and 2010 Ragtime Riesling (off-dry)
    2007 Rallentando Riesling (dry)
    2008 Pizzicato Pinot Noir
    2007 Syrah (limited)
    2010 Ramblin' Rosé (off-dry)
    2011 Piccolo Pinot Gris (dry)

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